Holy Epidemic is an outreach of Evangelism Life , with a specific focus on Street Evangelism (Open Air Preaching, Tract Distribution and One2One Witnessing) and the promotion of it. We definitely need more people out doing street evangelism. Thus it is our goal to do what we can to help those who are willing for the task.

Impostors In Our Midst

Imagine this: You're seated half way towards the back of a large church building. It's your first time there, and you've been invited to preach. The 600+ crowd is filling the auditorium. As you stand to sing you notice something very strange. Normally, when everyone stands, you see Bibles scattered over the vacant seats; but not tonight. You strain your head...

2009 Conference Audios

Last time we had an excellent conference with exceptional messages from Lionel Letcher and Forbes Morrison. You can now get the audios online from our store on evangelism.com.au If you would like a preview then check out the free downloads page for some free messages from last year.

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Impostors in out Midst
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Impostors DVD - Watch it online
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Conference Audios
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Conference Audios - Now available online.