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Open-air Preaching

Preaching in the open-air may sound strange to many, but this form of preaching has been around for thousands of years. In fact we see many accounts in the new testament where the disciples preached in the open-air to unbelievers. This has been a powerful form of evangelism throughout the church age. Don't let others convince you it's not relevant for today, because the message is always relevant and it doesn't matter if the form of delivery is or isn't relevant.

One-2-One Witnessing

While open-air preaching is a great way to get the gospel out to many at once, one-2-one evangelism is also very powerful because you are able to more fully address particular issues with the individual your speaking to. It's good to change the way you deliver the gospel to suit each person, that DOES NOT mean you change the gospel, but just how it applies to the person in their situation. Quite often it will be the same, but don't become a robot or a parrot when it comes witnessing. The principle will always be the same; Law to the proud, Grace to the humble, but you can include your own personality and analogy's to bring across the gospel message. (many just parrot Ray Comfort word for word especially when he says, regarding the 7 commandment, "This is the one that got me...", you must ask yourself, was it the one that got YOU? Often people get into such a parrot state that they repeat things word for word from others without pondering what they're actually saying.

Gospel Tract Testimonies

"A Christian I met in a home group said his job was raking litter off the Avon River. It was dull, boring work and he often wondered what life was all about. One day he raked a soggy piece of paper off the water and decided it was interesting enough to keep, so he carefully placed it in his bag and took it home. That evening he dried the paper in front of a heater and carefully unfolded it, then read it... it was a Gospel tract. He became a Christian that evening."

A student at Jacksonville University in Florida was given a tract. The student crumpled the pamphlet up and tossed it into a trash bin in his dorm. Later, his dorm mate picked it out of the trash, read it, and was soundly saved. He is now a pastor of a church in Florida.

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